Health and Safety Policy

//Health and Safety Policy
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Health and Safety Policy

FCC GROUP Corporation

Occupation Health and Safety Policy

The FCC GROUP Corporation’s Management Team believes in caring for the health and safety of all of its employees, as well as other personnel who work for, or on behalf of the FCCG GROUP Corporation.  We commit to proactively work towards:

  • Identifying the hazards, assessing the occupational health and safety risks, and to take steps to prevent injury and ill health of all personnel.
  • Ensuring compliance to all applicable Occupational Health and Safety (OHAS) regulatory and standard requirement, as well as any other requirement to which the FCC GROUP Corporation subscribes.
  • Continually improving our OHAS Management System, by setting and achieving objectives and performance goals.  This includes but is not limited to reductions of OHAS incidents, providing a health work environment and moving towards becoming a zero accidents organization.