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QS offers provides advanced manufacturing techniques that increase the performance and quality of the our customer’s device. We have partnered with top tier companies to support their products and deliver them to market successfully. By offering beginning to end integrated manufacturing solutions, our customers obtain the benefits of supply chain consolidation, consistent manufacturing efficiency and lowered costs. FCC GROUP’s global facilities provides us with the competitive advantage by adding a wide-range of manufacturing solutions that make us the premier one stop shop for our customers manufacturing needs.


From getting involved in early design concept to packaging fully assembled devices that are ready for shipment, our one-stop shop solutions simplify and manage complexity in a the rapid evolving markets. Quick turn prototyping and NPI services with no limits on quantity provides the much needed flexibility to produce the best product possible. Our operational knowledge across numerous industries permits clientele to reduce working capital in a number of ways. FCC GROUP excels at taking conceptual designs and transforming them into tangible quality products. We incorporate turn-key and consigned solutions to maintain convenience for our customers and simplifying the complex process of component sourcing.